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How to use Google Dork ?

How to use Google Dork ? Simple, insert your keyword in Google Dork syntax and insert in the search engine king, Google search box and hit enter. Some of the vital Google Dork terms Site: This parameter is used for searching for things from particular websites. If you search then Google will display your results only from inurl: This parameter filters the result which has keywords in the URL. If you search inurl:Cooking then Google will display only those search results which have the word Cooking in the URL Keywords in quotes: When you search by putting your keywords in quotes (“), Google will display only those pages which exactly matches the keywords you have put in quotes. For e.g. “Painting Classes in California” will display results which include the exact phrase in an article. Google Backlink Dorks most widely used by Expert Digital Marketer. inurl:blog inurl:forum inurl:blog inurl